About Me- Karen & My Life As A Cuckquean

hello to everyone.

This is the blog of a cuckquean. For those of you who do not know that term, it means i am the suffering wife of a husband who cheats on me. Openly and with my permission. and encouragement. i want to start by saying that i do understand this lifestyle isn’t for everyone; there were times in the past that i wasn’t even sure it was for me. But the truth is, no lifestyle is for everyone.
a little about me: i’m 44, have been married 20 years, have 2 children (13 and 11). the rather funny part about this is that there was a time 15 years ago when i actually cuckolded my husband. very short-lived. and it quickly changed to the reverse, and for the past 12 years i have been the proud cuckquean to my husband and Master.
a little about him: he’s an amazing man. 44, handsome, and very successful in his life. And he has little trouble finding women to cuck me with. unsurprisingly most are younger than me, and most quite lovely. and they know about me, and many have met me. He also fathered a child by one of them not to long ago. That is part of the equation in my life.
i consider it a true honor to be a cuckquean. my life is perhaps not what i thought it would be when i was younger…but in any ways it is so much more. i am very honored and proud to be married to this sort of man, one who has the ability to be with many women. the fact is, men grow attractive as they age, women the opposite. i accept that as a natural fact in life. and one that should be embraced.
My husband has become more my Master over the years. i am taught sternly, and sometimes the teaching isn’t really about teaching but merely about discipline. i accept this. when done in front of a lover of His, it reinforces the role that i have in my life now. i am proud to say that i take punishment for Him.
i will be blogging in the coming days about the joys and humiliations of being a cuckquean. the life truly contains both.

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